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Recommended by Teachers is a website and educational resource company in the Tri-State area that offers teachers, parents, and tutors free teaching materials. With more than 15 years of experience, we are proud to offer educational resources for students in New York, NY, and ideas that all teachers, parents, and tutors are going to love. Upload and download teacher ideas, activities, projects, and worksheets from our Website and help us continue to build a strong community of educators working together to improve the way the future generation is taught.

It is very important to us not only to provide you with a wealth of different educational resources, but also to ensure that all of the teaching materials we provide are actually helpful to our teachers, parents, and tutors. That is why we make sure that all of our information is authentic and 100% validated in the educational community. This allows you to trust coming to us for your worksheets, lesson plan ideas, and other information without having to second guess what you are reading.

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Thanks to donations by teachers, parents, and tutors just like you, we are able to provide our growing archive of educational resources to you for absolutely free. Education should never be put behind a paywall, and we hope that you and the students in your life are able to get the most out of the materials we offer.

We are passionate about knowledge. Everyone should have equal opportunities to learn and grow. With the learning activities we provide, we’re confident you and your students will engage in a fun, informative experience. Become a part of our educational community by taking advantage of the free resources we offer. We’ll make your lesson plans unique and enjoyable for your students. Whether you teach kindergarten or senior high school, our broad array of materials ensures you create an enjoyable learning environment.

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Retaining unfamiliar subjects can be difficult for some. Our comprehensive worksheets have been designed to help make the experience easier for everyone involved. Your students will be able to spend more time learning new material, increasing productivity overall. We strive to provide everyone with the highest quality teaching tools so that you never have to compromise.

Utilize our educational resources and free worksheets and enter into a community that craves knowledge. Our experience and unique approach to teaching guarantee you a quality learning environment. We provide you with new ideas that appeal to students of all ages, encouraging active participation and engagement. Together, we will prepare the next generation by equipping them with the tools and understanding that they require. Our ever-expanding database is at your disposal.

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