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Tutors often find it difficult to access reliable materials, especially those who aren’t affiliated with a larger organization. The good news is that you don’t need industry connections to get enriching educational resources for tutors in New York, NY. Here at Recommended by Teachers, we offer a diverse array of teacher-approved worksheets, activities, ideas, and more — all for free.

Our materials cover a range of subjects and grade levels. Everything we post online is screened by local teachers to ensure its quality and usefulness. Explore our site to see a small sample of what we offer, and sign up with our program to gain access to all available resources. We also invite you to submit your own teaching materials for tutors for the good of our community.

Educational and Learning Activities

Although academics play a vital role in students' studies and development, educational and learning activities offer excellent support for your lesson plans. Providing a way to apply what students have learned with activities that help solidify the material for them. No matter what the subject, it’s possible to provide engaging opportunities to expand their understanding. These lessons will allow them to apply their schooling to real-life situations and provide context. Learning activities also allow them to break away from book studies and take their minds in a new direction.

Our educational lesson plans set students up to succeed. Proven techniques and additional teaching opportunities offer children and young adults the chance to embrace learning. By providing educational diversity, they develop a desire to absorb more information and seek answers to questions about their world.

We’re committed to ensuring tutors, teachers, and parents have the resources they need to give children a better chance at success. You can set your pupils up for a bright future with the right tools. We believe every student deserves the opportunity to explore their strengths, and we’re here to help you do that. Talk to us about education and learning activities to complement your lesson plans.

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We believe that every student has potential, and all deserve the right resources to unlock that potential. That’s why we provide our content for free to teachers, parents, and tutors.

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