We at Recommended By Teachers have a few recommended activities to entertained your children during the weekend.


Lakeshore is an educational supply store that sells enrichment resources to help facilitate all learning styles from early childhood and beyond.  On the weekend Lakeshore opens its doors for 3 hours where parents and children gather to make crafty projects for free.   Anyone can drop in at a time during the 3 hour window to make the project of the week.  Kids and parents love the projects and whatever you make you can take.   So take advantage of this awesome free drop in class over the weekend where learning, creativity and fun are all balled up as one.




Barnes and Noble is a book store that sells all kinds of books.  On the weekend, Barnes and Noble hosts many events for children and adults where reading is the focal point.  These activities are amazing.  Kids can listen to a story, do arts and crafts, build legos, etc.  Adults can meet an author, join a bookclub or sit and read.  Hanging out at Barnes and Noble for a relaxing hour or two is also another idea that is just perfect because browsing through books can help you take your imagination around the world.  So if you are looking for a free weekend activity for yourself or your kids check out their website for local events near you.



The Zoo

The zoo is a home away from home for all kinds of animals.  Great measures and strides by Wildlife Conservation Society to provide a safe and natural habitat for animals makes the zoo experience amazing.  The zoo is definitely for everyone who wants to take a closer look at exotic and non exotic animals in a simulated environment that mirrors their natural habitat.  To make your visit to the zoo meaningful, fun and educational give it a purpose, visit a few exhibits and create activities that will support your end goal.