105 Unique Ways To Make Reading Fun

Read to your dad

Read in your favorite spot

Read with the tv off

Read to someone in a different class

Read to your teacher

Read to your grandpa

Read to your grandma

Read to your uncle

Read to your godmother

Read to your godfather

Read to your mom

Read to your cousin

Read to a teenager

Read to a female friend

Read to a baby


Read to your tutor

Read to a male


Read to your shoes

Read to your brother

Read to your aunt

Read to a superhero

Read to a female

Read to a male friend

Read to your pet

Read to someone your age

Read to your assistant principal

Read to a neighbor

Read to a teddy bear

Read to your sister

Read to someone older than you


Read to your principal

Record yourself reading using a tablet

Read to someone that is the same height as you

Read with the radio on

Read to your tv

Read with the tv on

Read to someone younger than you  

Read to someone shorter than you

Read to the school secretary

Read to someone taller than you

Read to yourself

Read to your favorite toy

Read to someone you love

Read to someone with long hair

Read to someone that loves you

Read on top of all your pillows


Read on the throne

Read with an audience

Read in the tub

Read in the living room

Read in your parents bed

Record yourself reading using a smartphone

Read while drinking a hot beverage

Read on top of a table

Read in a car

Read in a box

Read to someone on FaceTime

Read upside down

Read standing up

Read using a different voice

Read by water

Read in a closet

Read wearing your favorite color

Read in bed with a flashlight

Read on the steps

Read while eating


Read on top of the counter top

Read in your pajamas

Read with a hat on

Read with sunglasses on

Read for

Read on a plane

Read on a train

Read a book in a series

Read for

Read laying down on the couch

Read a book from school

Read for 

Read a friend’s book

Read book from the public library

Read a fiction book

Read for

Read an award winning book

Read a book online

Read a non fiction book

Read a book published the year you were born

Read under a tree

Read book by your favorite author

Build a fort and read a book

Read a book from a foreign author

Read a book on Facebook Live

Read a book with less than 10 chapters

Read book with more than 10 chapters

Read a book that makes you laugh

Read in a tent

Read in a costume

Read at the library

Read in a quiet spot

Read first thing in the morning

Read right before bed

Read on a biography


Read a poem

Read on a bus


Read a book that has been made into a movie

Read a book because you like the cover

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