Here are some tips for putting together a spelling bee at your school.

Let’s get excited about Spelling!

Step 1

6 months before the Spelling Bee

  • Decide who will be in your spelling bee
  • Reserve the facility
  • Advertise the spelling bee- create flyers
  • Reach out to the community for support ( donations/ volunteers)

Step 2

    3 months before the Spelling Bee

  • Create the list of words to be used for the spelling bee
  • Decide which jobs are needed to run a successful spelling bee- pronouncers, judges, mediator, recorder, MC
  • Make a sample list of words available for participants to study from
  • Determine the rules of the spelling bee and make them available for all participants
  • Decide on awards to be given out- trophy, certificate, medal or gift card

Step 3

    2 months before the Spelling Bee

  • Confirm participants,volunteers and facility
  • Order awards for all participants
  • Review with facility- time allowed in the building, how the sound system works and which rooms may be used
  • Make numbers for the participants to wear during the spelling bee

Step 4

    2 weeks before the Spelling Bee

  • visit facility-determine how the stage will be set up and learn how to use the sound system/microphone
  • create program and have it printed
  • Print out word lists and copy them for all pronouncers and judges
  • Gather all supplies such as table cloths, pencils, a bell, folders, dry erase board, words in envelopes and place everything in a box
  • Remind all volunteers and participants about the spelling bee

Step 5

    Day of the Spelling Bee

  • Arrive early to set up, meet with volunteers and make sure that everything is ready to go
  • Check sound system/microphone and confirm that all supplies/awards are at the spelling bee
  • Review rules with participants before the spelling bee starts
  • give out numbers
  • Start the spelling bee