Paper Airplane Contest

Let it Soar

Let's expand our minds and explore the possibilities of flight with a paper airplane contest.

Steps for having a Paper Airplane Contest

Step 1

  • Choose a date for the contest
  • Secure a location for the contest- A gymnasium is recommended.
  • Create a flyer for the contest.

Step 2

  • Determine the rules for the contest- have participants make their airplane at the contest to ensure that all airplanes are made from the same paper.
  • Copy the flyer for the contest.

Step 3

  • Distribute the flyer and let everyone know about the contest.
  • Decide what is being judged at the contest- You can judge how far the paper airplane travels and how long it stays up on the air.
  • Create a chart to track each airplane.
  • Find volunteers to help out during the contest.

Step 4

  • Gather materials for the contest such as a stop watch, paper, clip board, pens and a tape measure.
  • Confirm the location for the contest and all volunteers.

Step 5

                       Contest time

  • Have all participants enter the gymnasium.
  • Give all participants 5 minutes to make their paper airplanes.
  • Have every participant throw their airplane for distance and flight in the air.
  • Give out awards for top 3 distance airplanes and top 3 airplanes that stayed in the air the longest.