Here are some contest ideas! Create your own contest in your school! Kids love a challenge while competing for a prize! Ready Set Go!

Bookmark Design Contest Image

Bookmark Challenge 

Dig deep to find that creativity to design your very own bookmark! Allow students to explore various ideas and make a bookmark to share with their peers. A Bookmark Contest is a wonderful way to get children excited about reading!

Pumpkin Carving Fun Image

Pumpkin Carving Contest

A Pumpkin Carving Contest builds excitement to a learning community. How wonderful would it be to have a contest just for fun, that will bring the spirit of the school alive! Students,teachers and parents can share their creativity by entering a Pumpkin into the Pumpkin Carving Contest!

Colorful Candy Display Image

Estimation Contest

Estimation Contests are a fun and exciting way to incorporate Mathematics in schools beyond the classroom. Children love to have contests and win prizes, so what could be better than to combine a contest with practicing Mathematics at the same time!

Paper Airplane In The Sky

Paper Airplane Contest

Have you ever made a paper airplane? Did you find yourself trying different ways to get your airplane to go farther? A paper Airplane contest is a child’s dream. It gives a child “permission” to make all of those paper airplanes and allows children to build, experiment and dream of the perfect paper airplane that can travel far distances!

Cartoon Bumble Bee Image

Spelling Bee Contest

Are you an excellent speller? Do you know fabulous spellers? A Spelling Bee Contest is a terrific way to highlight sensational spelling in your school! A Spelling Bee is a perfect way to encourage students to study and become better spellers. If your school doesn’t have a SpellingBee Contest, then this is the first contest to bring to your school! Bee-lieve in the power of the BEE!

Science Display Image STEM

Science Technology Engineering & Math