How fortunate are you?  How fortunate are they?  How fortunate are we to live in a country where so many of us have great fortunes and a big heart to give to those less fortunate in our community.  Here are some really nice charity events to help with the needs in your community.

Host your very own school wide can drive for a month.  It is a really cool charity event that gets the whole school community involved.  For the first time last year, we joined the Souper Bowl of Caring Organization and participated in collecting cans of food for the community.  We turned this activity into a competitive sport by having each class compete for points based on the number of donated cans.  The class with the most points wins a trophy, an award, and a pizza party.  The food is then donated to a charity to help feed the needed.  

Step One:  Plan your can drive during the month of January.  This is the perfect time because of the football playoffs and the Super Bowl.  Also, the Can Can sale at Shoprite, which is the best can sale for the year is during the month of January.  

Step Two: Give each class the name of an NFL team.  They can either pick the name of their team or assign them a team name.  Then start your tournament!Step Two: Give each class the name of a NFL team.  They can either pick the name 

Step Four:  This is when the fun starts.  Students will nag their families to shop for cans of food and the staff will feel the competitive burn to win. Everyone will get involved for the greater good, to empower students to give back to the community and change lives.

Step Three: Send out letters to teachers and families informing them of the Souper Bowl of Caring Can Drive.  Create a little competition between classes and students to give a little hype to the drive.pick thepick the name 

Box It Up

Step Six:  Now your can drive is over you will feel relieved.  No more cans to collect however you have to box up all those and it could take forever especially if it is over 5000 cans.  So… collect lots of empty boxes and begin to pack.  Be mindful not to make the boxes too heavy.  You will be tempted to stuff the boxes to capacity but the person lifting the boxes will thank you later.

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