Point of View Writing

My Favorite Color

     Do you know the best color in the universe is green?  

     My first reason is it is absolutely beautiful.  In the Spring and Summer all the trees and flowers have green leaves.  Seeing green all around makes me excited.  My second reason is I have a bedroom that is painted green.  I love going to my green room because green makes me feel relaxed. My third reason is when I was a little girl my dad bought me my first bike and it was green.  My green bike was the fastest bike on the block and it was shiny.  

     These are all the reasons why green is the best color in the entire universe.

Special Dad!

     I know that my dad is the most special dad in the entire county.  I don't get to see my dad very often but when I do he makes every visit amazing.  He loves to take me to the beach.  He is a very good swimmer and he taught how to swim.  Another reason is he makes me laugh when he farts.  He lifts his leg and kicks it back like a donkey.  Then he makes the loudest fart and laughs.  My final reason is he loves to feed me all my favorite dishes.  I love baked macaroni and cheese when is comes out of the oven and he always makes it for me. He piles it high on my plate and I stuff myself until my belly ache.  That is how I know my dad is the most special dad in the entire country.


The Best Dessert

   I think the best dessert is double chocolate cake.  My first reason is it is super rich with chocolate.  It has chocolate frosting , chocolate cake and chocolate filling.  My second reason is it is super sweet.  It is so sweet that you have to drink it with milk.  My third reason is it makes you feel very happy.  Your tummy loves when you eat double chocolate cake.  These are all the reasons why double chocolate cake is the best.



   Do you want to eat the best french fries in the world?  Do you want your tummy to be happy? If you do then you should go out for lunch at McDonalds.  McDonalds has amazing food.  You can get cheeseburgers, hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, chicken fingers and much much more.  You can also get happy meals for kids.  A happy meal comes with a special toy.  It is usually a toy from a movie.  At McDonalds you can go in and dine or you can go through the drive thru.  Finally, you can get sweet desserts from McDonalds.  You can get ice cream with special toppings, warm apple pies or sweet milkshakes.  So... if you are ever hungry and want a smile on your face, go to McDonalds for lunch.

My Favorite

   My favorite item in my collection is my Minnie Mouse pen.  My first reason is she wears a red and white polka dot dress.  I love dresses and I wish I had a dress like Minnie.  My second reason is when I write with my pen her arms and legs move up and down.  She looks like she is shouting "HOORAY!"  My third reason is I like the way the pen writes.  It is very smooth and it writes neatly.  These are all the reasons why my Minnie Mouse pen is my favorite.

My Second Favorite Pen

   My second favorite pen is my doll pen.  My first reason is the top of the pen is a doll.  When I was a little girl, I loved playing with dolls.  My second reason is her hair is blue.  I wish I had blue hair like her because it is so pretty.  My third reason is her arms move.  This makes me feel like she is a real doll because her arms and head moves.  These are all my reasons why my pen doll is my second favorite pen.


   My least favorite pen is my Goofy pen.  My first reason is it is shaped like a dog and I don't like dogs.  My second reason is it is sticky to hold and it feels awful.  My third reason is it has little blue shapes and I can't tell what they are.  My final reason is it doesn't do anything cool like my other pens.  These are all he reasons why my Goofy pen is my least favorite.