Metropolitan Museum of Art

Kids Events

Visiting your local library with your class is an exciting trip for the students.  They will enjoy perusing through books with their classmates and sharing books of interest.  Shopping for free books to read or books for family read alouds creates excitement and eagerness within each student.  I highly recommend this trip because it is free, local and  kids truly love it.  So call your children’s librarian to arrange a beginning of the year, a mid year and an end of the year trip to keep your students passionate about reading!



The Zoo

A trip to the zoo is a must for most classes.  We study non fiction in class about animals we can find at our local zoo.  Kids LOVE when classroom knowledge meets real life experiences.  Seeing animals up close and watching them in a simulated natural habitat combines and strengthens the knowledge that will always be remembered.  I highly recommend this trip because most zoos are free for schools and students find their experiences meaningful if it is with a focus.