What’s Your Healthy Lesson Plan?

Creating daily lesson plans is part of our DNA that constructs a structure of the perfect presentation for the top results from our students.  But have you constructed a daily lesson plan for that one period of your day that’s all about you?  Living life healthy and strong starts with your mental you.

Fruits Fruits Fruits – Your go to snack

Cut it, slice it- either way. Just make sure you add fruit to your day.

Slice a banana to put in your cereal or complete your yogurt with some fresh berries.

Add fruit to your salad, pancakes or favorite dish. Fruit can satisfy that sweet tooth wish.

Water – hard to drink

We all know that water is a much healthier option, so why os it so difficult to get it into our day?

Soda and other drinks with a lot of sugar taste delicious and leave us wanting more. Thats what the sugar does! Try to avoid these sugary drinks and replace them with water. Water is less calories and you will fell better without all that added sugar.


Dairy – sneak it in

Dairy is good for your teeth your bones

Milk, yogurt, cheese stick and more.Make sure to pack 2 servings of dairy before your walk out the door.

Salt Free is the way to be

Adding salt to food might taste good, but there are health risks in having too much salt in your diet. Choose different spices instead of adding salt to add flavor to what you’re cooking. Garlic is a terrific go-to for a healthier option that tastes great. Be aware of pre-packaged and processed foods. Many pre-packaged and processed foods contain an abundance of salt. Try to limit the amount of deli meat that you eat. Say no to salt shakers and yes to a healthier you!

Stay away from fats

Try to limit the amount of fats in your diet. Be mindful of foods with cream sauce, oils and butter. Eat these foods in moderation and try not to over do it.

The power of Protein

Protein is a super important to have in your diet. Aim to have mostly lean proteins, such as chicken, turkey, tofu, lean beef, beans and fish. Protein has fewer calories when it’s grilled, baked, broiled, boiled or barbecued. Frying adds fats and unwanted calories to the meal. If it worth it? In moderation, fried food can be a special treat.

Portion control – Think of less not more

Eat slowly to avoid overeating. Enjoy what you are eating. Shoveling in food and not paying attention to what is going into your mouth could lead to eating way more than a portion. Portion out your food before sitting down to eat and tell yourself that there aren’t any seconds. When eating  out, ask for a to-go container at the beginning of the meal to put half of the food away. This allows you to know that there is only one portion of food on you plate and you won’t be enticed to keep eating more.



Vegetables are wonderful to have as a side dish, snack or part of your meal. Most meals would work well with a side of broccoli, spinach or zucchini. Slice up a cucumber and tomato and add it to your sandwich. Put some carrots and celery in a bag for snack on the go. Vegetables can be fresh, frozen or canned. Steam, sauté, roast, chopped or sliced… so many options! Add veggies to your daily menu.

Whole grain – train your brain

Whole grains are perceived as a healthier option. Sticking with whole grains adds more fiber into your diet. When looking for bread or pasta, choose a label that says whole grain or whole wheat. Make sure that it is 100% whole grain.


We all know that exercising is important to a healthy lifestyle so why not make it fun. Choose something that you enjoy so it ill be less of a chore. Go for a walk, a run or a bike ride. Play a round of golf or tennis. Swim a few laps in the pool. No matter what you decide to do, keep moving and stay active!

Objective – Brainwash yourself – Tell yourself it is all about you

I need to be the best me.



Do you have a physical hobby?


Meals & Exercise

Eat healthy, just control your portions

Materials – Meals & Exercise

Eat whatever you want just control your portions

Eat 1/2 or 1/4 of your food


A lesson plan is a well thought out lesson in your head.  It can go just as plan or tweaked along the way.  Keep these few tips for being healthier at the fore front of your mind.